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Trib Live: Association dedicates Good Neighbor Garden

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

The Good Neighbor Garden

(Located along Washington Drive, between Jackson and Van Buren Circles.)

Sitting on the Good Neighbor Garden bench, Tom Davies, then 83, chuckles while telling stories about the neighborhood, his dog, Babe, rests nearby.

On October 13, 2012, the Good Neighbor Garden was created and dedicated to Tom Davies, his late wife Nancy, and their dog Babe. Mr. Davies (Tom) was the first beautification coordinator of our North Hills Estates Civic Association (NHECA). As stated by then President, Cheryl Giacomino, “He just embodies the spirit of our neighborhood, and he’s a wonderful man who is always giving of himself.”

Mr. Davies made it his goal to promote neighborhood beautification projects that encouraged volunteerism, fostered civic pride, and connected neighbors. To this day, NHECA honors Tom’s legacy by continuing to prioritize neighborhood beautification investments and to organize activities and events bringing together the residents of North Hills Estates.

This story was originally published by Alex Audia (Trib Live) on October 24, 2012. See the original article here:

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