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About the North Hills Estates Civic Association (NHECA)

North Hills Estates Civic Association (NHECA) is an all-volunteer organization. Our Board members and volunteers donate their time and talents to help create and sustain our neighborhood’s sense of community. They keep our park and common areas looking great all year which enhances property value for the entire North Hills Estates Community. Volunteers also plan and execute annual member events and facilitate special projects, offerings, and initiatives.

Your Civic Association Officers & Board

Civic Association Officers

Camille Kersey, President

Kim Dudt, Vice President

Anna Butson, Secretary

Tara Peterson, Treasurer & Communications Coordinator

NHECA Board Members

Michael Calabrese, Photography & Archives

Sharon Trimber, Volunteer Coordinator

Shelly Murtha, Membership Coordinator, New Member 2024

Tracy Fullerton, New Member 2024

Kris Kersey, New Member 2024

Sharon Wallace, New Member 2024


Erin Payer, Communications
Doug Strahler, Website

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